Zygmund Koperwas,

Henry's Father.

Two letters from Steven Spielberg.

Only a handful of photographs and documents remained after the war

Henry's Boarding Pass to America aboard the SS Marine Marlin. Dated July 8, 1947.

Sala Koperwas and Husband Chaim,

Henry's Older Sister and Brother-in-Law.

Photo Scrapbook. Post liberation. Pre-America.

In America

Record of vaccinations issued the day before Henry's departure.

Dated July 7, 1947.

Henry's notice of classification for Selective Services. 

Henry's notice of rejection for Selective Service due to having ulcers.

Ida Koperwas

Henry's Mother.

Henry's older sister Sala, younger sister Celina, and older brother Yasel (who survived). 1920. Poland.

Henry's ticket to the US via the Marine Marlin. He was still named Henek Koperwas. Dated July 8, 1947.

Henry. Munich. 1947.

Henry, newly arrives in New York. 1947.

Henry's family Members who did not survive.

Frida Friedman,

Henry's Maternal Grandmother.

Henry. Krakow. 1946.

Julius and his wife Basha, along with their first son Bob.

Henry with American Soldier, working for UNRRA, Mittenwald, 7/15/45. The clothes Henry is wearing were given to him by another soldier.

Henry meeting Basha, his sister-in-law (Julius, taking photo), and their son Bob. These were the second family members he was united with. Krakow, 1946.

Henry Koperweis Foundation

for Holocaust Education

This was issued to Henry in lieu of a passport just weeks before he set sail for America. It's dated June 4, 1947.

Certificate from the National Campaign for Tolerance. Signed by Rosa Parks and Morris Dees.

Henry meeting his nephew Bob. Krakow, 1946.

Celina Koperwas,

Henry's Older Sister.

Henry's wedding to Norma, NY 1954. From left to right back row: Herschel, Julius and his wife Basha, Norma and Henry, Regina and her husband Yasel (Henry's oldest brother). The children from left to right: Bob and Sam - Julius and Basha's two sons, and Lucy - Yasel and Regina's daughter.

Henry's brother Herschel who he met after liberation in Prague. He was Henry's first relative he reunited with. This picture was taken in America several years later. Harry, as he came to be called, had joined the US Army.

Sala Koperwas and Husband Chaim,

Henry's Older Sister and Brother-in-Law.